Gardens and Parks of London
Our Aim

If you want to know about gardening activities in the Capital, you will have to search the Web and get hundreds, if not thousands of sites relative to your search criteria.  Some of these will be useful, most of them not.  In turn you will browse many sites, without finding what you set out to find.

To address this problem, we have developed this site.  Among other interesting items, we list gardening events in the Capital.  These lists are constantly updated to reflect the current situation.  Our aim is to present a comprehensive diary of gardening related events in the Capital, so that a visitor to our site finds what he wants without much hassle.  The events are grouped in day order, by type and by originator.  We list not only the big players in the horticultural World, but also the smaller events, of niche interest, which get very little, if any, exposure.

We also intend to showcase the gardens of London.   The Gallery pages will show many of the  different, beautiful gardens.  We wish to show to the visitors the many gardens which are seldom seen by the public, if ever.

Thank you for your visit.  I hope that you found a venue that caught your interested and will visit it soon.