Gardens and Parks of London
Royal Parks of London
Green Park

The Park covers 16 hectares (40 acres).
It lies between London's Hyde Park and St.  James's Park.
Green Park has no lakes, no buildings and few monuments, having only the Canada Memorial by Pierre Granche and the Constance Fund Fountain.  The park consists entirely of wooded meadows.
The park is bounded on the south by Constitution Hill, on the east by the pedestrian Queen's Walk, and on the north by Piccadilly.
It meets St. James's Park at Queen's Gardens with the Victoria Memorial at its center, opposite the entrance to Buckingham Palace.
To the south is the ceremonial avenue of The Mall, and the buildings of St James's Palace and Clarence House overlook the park to the east.  Green Park tube station is a major interchange located on Piccadilly.
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Address Piccadilly
  London, W1
Open 8.00 to dusk